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How great, that you are that you are here! Welcome!

This page is a project that was born from our song "Tell Me Who I Am" and as you can see it's about showing the world who you truly are. Show the world your image in the mirror!

Many people ask themself questions without having an answer at the ready. Am I okay, the way I am? Am I who I want to be?

The song "Tell Me Who I Am" deals with all internal struggles and insecurities everybody experiences in life. It is a song about finding out who you really are, about being happy with yourself and about having people accompany you on your journey. 

We want you to tell us who YOU are!

Show us your image in the mirror!

Mai 2021


It is just indiscribable!

Mai 2021


I felt all these questions and expectations that people make me deal with every day... and when I looked at myself in the mirror - I noticed, that I don't have these questions at all

Mai 2021


When I stepped in front of the mirror and saw myself again with all the quirks and bumps... I really had to accept myself again.

Mai 2021


To me it feels like that for the most of your life, you are on a journey of finding yourself.

Mai 2021


I noticed how much self-concience I gained by having tattoos... And how much that helped me to become who I am now!

Mai 2021


I think I actually know myself. But I really don't know my Image in the mirror.

Mai 2021


The progress of the lyrics of the song let me feel what I've been through the last 10 years.

Mai 2021


If you're already asking yourself - who am I, who can I be? - that always comes with the question - what's my ethnicity, where do I belong?

Mai 2021


I noticed, that you or even the whole world has to come on board and accept me in order for me to be be myself

Mai 2021

Tell Me Who I Am 
The Song by Hanne Kah

Our Song -Tell Me Who I Am- deals with all the internal struggles, all the insecurities everyone experiences during their journey through life.

You are not alone.

People will accept you for who you are - even if it sometimes takes a whole lot of patience.

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Tell us who you are. 

Send us your selfie and your story!



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